Saturday, October 19, 2018, is this year's Concert date... We look forward to seeing you there. 




This year's Theme is...

"We Remember Motown"



"Stan Barnes & Friends Live in Concert" has been deemed by concert-goers and the media alike as "The concert that you don't want to miss."  Come out and enjoy great music in a pristine setting and witness why thousands of people can't be wrong.  More than just music, it's an effort to give our audience a break from the stresses of life.  This is an exhilarating performance that leaves you wanting more.  Don't miss your opportunity to experience‚Ķ

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Past Stan Barnes and Friends Concert 

The Remembering the Good Ol' Days Concert will be held October 25th at the Millennium Centre of Southfield 7:00pm... Details to be released shortly.

More Music by Stan... 

 Stan Barnes and Friends at Stars in the Park.

Stan's Music and CDs... Search the Music tab to the left or above.  Or "Please visit, iTunes, Spotify, or do a Google or Internet Search for Stan Barnes Music" is A Place Where Music and Innovation Meet... An interesting blend of Musical ideas...

An interesting approach to familiar genres...…

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Stan's CD 2012 "Just Ahead" 

You are going to absolutely Love Stan's CD... It is entitled "Just Ahead" and is proving to be the next step in Stan's Musical Journey.  "It is fun and exciting all at the same time". said one listener.  "I love the way he sends musical messages that are based on encouragement, as you know, we all need it"... 

Please join us and take a listen... It's coming soon...!!!

The Celebration of the Lifetime 

Stan had the distinct honor and privilege to perform for his Little Brother and Little Sister Chris and Kymberly...  On June 6, 2012, Stan played from the Heart for Their Wonderful Day...  "In one word... It was absolutely...BEAUTIFUL..." 

Stan Barnes and Friends at the Charles H. Wright Museum 

Don't Miss Stan Barnes and Friends Live for a Special Showing at The Charles H. Wright African American Museum... They will be performing a Powerful Concert from 5 - 6:30 PM... This is a Pilot of More to Come...


Stan Barnes and Friends Live in Concert

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