The Gift: The Jesse Mays Project

Stan Barnes

Welcome to The Gift, also known as, "The Jesse Mays Project". This is an expression of my deepest gratitude for the gift that was given by Gloria Mays in behalf of Jesse Mays and his Family. Every song was performed with the Tenor Sax given by the Family.

Let me take a few moments to tell you a little bit about this project and how it came to be. It is no mistake that this project was entitled "The Gift". This compilation was made possible by a wonderful family who happened to be friends of mine. The Mays Family. Their tragic loss of their dearly loved one, our friend, fellow musician and mentor to many, Mr. Jesse Mays is the catalyst that gave birth to this arrangement of Musical expressions. Mr. Mays was not only a loving father and family head, but also a talented musician who was accomplished on a number of instruments, but found his true love in the instrument that he spent the most time on, his Tenor Saxophone. His beautiful and dearly loved wife Gloria, who loved him tremendously, could not bear to have this wonderful instrument go to waste. Therefore, knowing my love and appreciation for music and my respect for her husband Jesse, Ms. Mays made a truly loving and wonderful sacrifice. She contacted me and said that she had a Gift for me, and that Jesse would have wanted me to have this instrument. Hence, “The Gift” and the Jesse Mays project. Every song was performed using The Gift from Jesse Mays. This CD was designed to be put in and played continuously as a musical journey, however, feel free to find your favorite song. Thank you Sincerely. Stan Barnes

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